Československá plavba dunajská, spol. s r.o.
Bratislava, Slovakia

Welcome to our web site, we are glad to meet you here and would like to introduce some basic informations :

We offer complete services connected with river transportation of goods :
- river transports between the Black and North Sea, using European waterways Danube, Rhine, Main, as well as connected channels and rivers - Mosel, Sava, Tisza....
- transshipment services, warehousing and related operations in Port Bratislava and Komarno, eventually in other river ports
- elaboration of logistic alterantives, including possibilities of riverways
- consulting

It is known, that the river transportation in comparison to other ways is both most efficient and least aggressive one to our environment. Notwithstanding these facts the traffic statistics say, that over 50% via European roads transported goods is bulk cargo and goods, mostly appropriate for effective transportation with vessels.
Very important role plays the riverway also in transportation of heavy and/or oversize goods, when using other transport alternatives is usually more complicated or eventually does not allow the realisation to some destinations at all.

The waterway allows producers and traders to place their goods on distant markets, what would be by using other less effective ways often not possible, due to costs as well as capacities. The benefits of the vessel are also supported by shorter transit times, in comparison to the past.
It is for sure highly recommended to include this low-cost transportation type into the logistics plans to be competitive and to increase own chances by reducing of transport costs.

We are all the time ready to offer our support and cooperation.